‘Following the River’ receives award

UPDATE: Following the vote Florians’s CD was voted Best CD by a Romanian artist in 2018! Many thanks to all who supported him.

Following the River, Florian’s debut solo CD released in January 2018, has received an award nomination. The album has been short-listed by Radio România Muzical for the title of best CD released in 2018 by a Romanian artist. The award will be decided by the result of an online poll and you can take part by following this link.

If you can’t read Romanian, here’s what to do to vote for Florian:

  1. Click on the link above and then scroll down the list of candidates until you see the picture of Florian alongside the text mentioning Following the River.
  2. Look to the right and click on the word ‘Votează’ where it appears alongside Florian’s entry.
  3. A new page will open with a picture of the CD artwork and links to listen to the review broadcast in April 2018. Tucked in among the ‘listen again’ links you will again see the word ‘Votează’ in a box above a running total of votes (Scor: xxx).
  4. Click on ‘Votează’ in that box and your vote will be recorded and you will be taken to an acknowledgement page.
  5. Let everyone know you voted and invite them to vote too!

You can read more about Following the River and what it means to Florian by following this link to his earlier posts.

Speaking about the nomination, Florian said,

I’m honoured and thrilled that Following the River has been nominated for this award by Radio România Muzical. I love the music on this CD and it means a lot to me that in a small way I have been able to introduce more people in Romania and beyond to the riches of Romania’s musical tradition. I have always wanted my first CD to include works by Paladi, Constantinescu and Toduţă: it brings together my classical training, my childhood interaction with folk musicians, and my memories of hot summer nights spent on a boat in the middle of a channel, deep in the heart of the Danube Delta.