My response to Covid-19

This is a very simple proposition – we are going to unite and help each other during this difficult time through music. I’ve set myself a challenge – to learn all 18 Mozart Sonatas, a batch of three each week. I am going to start learning them on Mondays, and perform them live online on Fridays, at 3 pm British time. No cheating, no pre-recorded material, just raw, unedited, one-shot performances.

I have simply had enough of this paralysing feeling of hopelessness, and of wanting to do something to help, but not knowing how best to bring a meaningful contribution. And I think this may just be a possible answer: bringing raw music-making to you, straight from my home, and hopefully, inspiring you to help charities around the world with your donations. I’ve called this #MozartbeatsCovid.

On 14th March, I rushed to Cambridge to stand in last-minute for Martin James Bartlett, who was very unwell. Although not confirmed then, there was an expectation that this was going to be one of the last concerts before the country would go silent, as the virus was tightening its grip on the world. The repertoire was Beethoven (the Choral Fantasy) and Mozart (my favourite A major Concerto). It was an incredible evening – it really felt as if everybody, musicians and audience, was participating with all their heart in this last bit of music-making. There was an enormous sense of encouragement and empowering coming from the music, and I went home that evening feeling uplifted and hopeful.

I want to recreate this through this challenge. I want to share that feeling of courage that music can provide with all of you. Mozart’s amazing music is a wonderful reminder that, beyond this virus, there is something out there worth fighting and uniting for.

The livestream can be watched on my Facebook page –

I will announce each receiving charity every week. The programme of the concerts is as follows:

8th May – Sonatas KV 279, 280, 281 – Donations for NHS Charities together

15th May – Sonatas KV 282, 283, 284 – Donations for the Romanian United Fund, 100% funds going to fighting the Coronavirus in Romania

22nd May – Sonatas KV 309, 310, 311 – Donations for Shelter UK

29th May – Sonatas KV 330, 331, 332 – Donations for SOS Children’s Villages Romania

5th June – Sonatas KV 333, KV 457 (with Fantasy KV 475), KV 533 – Donations for Centrepoint UK

12th June – Sonatas KV 545, 570, 576

I hope you are able to join me on this marathon, enjoying the music, and helping the world, one Sonata at a time!