‘Following the River’ receives award

Photograph of a sunset over the Danube delta

UPDATE: Following the vote Florians’s CD was voted Best CD by a Romanian artist in 2018! Many thanks to all who supported him. Following the River, Florian’s debut solo CD released in January 2018, has received an award nomination. The album has been short-listed by Radio România Muzical for the title of best CD released …

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Radu Paladi remembered in film

Portrait photograph of Radu Paladi

Florian’s first solo CD, Following the River: Music along the Danube (Acousence records ©2017, ACO-CD 13317), includes a piece called Rondo a capriccio by Radu Paladi. Paladi (1927-2013) was a Romanian pianist, composer and conductor who also had a long career teaching at the Universitatea Națională de Artă Teatrală și Cinematografică ‘Ion Luca Caragiale’  (national …

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Music and harmony

Photograph of an old timber building on the Danube delta

Béla Bartók – 6 Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm from Mikrokosmos Sz. 107 Folk music has always been a source of inspiration for classical composers (it made its way into the works of almost all composers – think of Beethoven’s Scottish Songs, or Haydn’s Hungarian Piano Trio or indeed his Capriccio on the folksong ‘Acht Sauschneider …

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Of wooden sticks…

Monochrome photograph of a bird in a tree on the Danube delta

When I was small, I used to throw little wooden sticks into every river I came across. I had learnt at school that all the rivers of my country eventually flow into the Danube, and with my grandparents living at the mouth of the Danube Delta, just before the grand river ends up in the …

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