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Verona International Piano Competition success

I’m very happy to have come at the end of another great experience at the Verona International Piano Competition. Extremely proud to share the podium with two amazing pianists: Ruben Micieli who gave an astonishing performance of the Chopin op. 25 Etudes (literally, astonishing!!!), and Jin-Hyeon Lee, with whom I share a passion for the Liszt Sonata (both of us played it in the final round).
Again… piano competitions prove to be such incredible events, where I meet enormously talented pianists, bringing such different and special gifts to our art. The thing that is always obvious to me is the unconditional friendship and spirit of fair-play that all competitors share. I am yet to participate in a competition where people compete fiercely against each other. It always feels as if we are competing against an artistic ideal, and that’s something to be encouraged, I believe, because it then becomes really about bettering ourselves, which after all, should be our life-time aspiration.
Just quickly to clarify the results: the judges briefly explained that, because the rules of the competition do not allow the division of the first prize, Jin-Hyeon and myself were awarded Second Prize ex-aequo.
I also feel really privileged to have had a chance to talk about Liszt’s mighty Sonata with Leslie Howard, a man who dedicated his life to studying Liszt. In fact, I’m really grateful for the entire experience, and above all for the chance to meet such vibrant artists!

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