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The Cross-Eyed Pianist meets Florian!

Florian’s interview for the Cross-Eyed Pianist’s  Meet the Artist project is now available to readMeet the Artist is a series of interviews in which musicians, composers and conductors discuss inspirations, influences, repertoire, performance, recording, teaching and more.  The interviews offer revealing insights into the musician’s working life and each one provides advice to young or aspiring musicians. Established in 2012 by blogger Frances Wilson (“The Cross-Eyed Pianist”),  London-based pianist, piano teacher, writer, and music reviewer, the project interviews can also be accessed via her blog.

A keen concert-goer, Frances also writes reviews for international concert and opera listings site Bachtrack.com. She is a regular writer for classical music website InterludeHK and has contributed many articles on aspects of piano playing and pianism to ‘Pianist’ magazine’s online content. She has written guest articles for a number of other classical music and piano teaching sites around the world, including HelloStage, Clavier Companion, Music Haven and The Sampler, the blog of SoundandMusic.org, the UK charity for new music, and is currently writing a series of articles on Schubert’s penultimate piano sonata for the journal of The Schubert Institute UK.

“Frances Wilson…………a highly informative presence on the Internet, with her constructive and enthusiastic reviews of countless pianists under the name of ‘The Cross-Eyed Pianist’.” Peter Donohoe, international concert pianist

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano and pursue a career in music?

I suppose it was initially the fact that my father’s enjoyed playing a little jazz piano as a hobby, and as a toddler I couldn’t resist hitting the keys, rather too often for my Grandmother’s liking. It was this that meant I started having formal piano lessons, and it has grown from there. It was, however a long time until I thought that I might be able to play professionally. I think in the end it comes down to the fact that I love music and having the opportunity to share it, and there came a point where I just couldn’t conceive of doing anything else…

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